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Professionally produced premium products. We possess a complete set of specialist equipment, automated production technology, and scientifically designed production processes, with standardized output quantities.Costs reduced to an absolute minimum equals increased competitiveness. We continually advance our level of technology, leaving no stone unturned in our desire to surpass our best. We are continually developing our techniques to ensure product quality, and continually developing new lines. We fully understand that it is only in this way that we will have a long term future in an environment of fierce market competition.
At present, our company has 1100 sets of different gauge knitting machines, from 3G to 14G (mainly 12G) we have 11 sets of thread rewinding machines. 16sets of automatic computer-controued knitting machines (Brand is STOLL, imported from Germany). 280 sets of linking machines. And the monthly output capacity is 300,000 pieces, 80 sets of ironing boards and steam irons a complete system of washing and drying equipmend, including wsahing room, drying room, dry-cleaning machines. 26 sets of JVKI Brand button sewing machines. 6 sets of JVKI Brand border look stitchers. 26 sets JVKI Brand sewing machines. Oen set of Japan HASHIMA needle detector. One SPECTRA Lingt cabinet. One QC 2000 light cabinet.
Su ICP No. 05037541

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